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In order to fulfill our plans, we need to raise $4,500,000 so that we can build a yeshiva that welcomes everyone. We do not care whether our students come from a frum charedi family, or whether they found out only today that they are Jewish. We do not care what skin color they have, what nusach - custom - they follow or if they come from a well-known family. Everyone that wants to learn, is welcomed with open arms. One of the core values of Be'EzratHaShem Inc. is being the absolute opposite of Sinat Chinam - baseless hatred - which is a prohibition from the Torah.  Instead of discriminating and excluding, we bring Jews closer to each other through teaching them authentic Judaism. Ahavat Chinam is all about loving others freely without judgement. Therefore the Be'Ezrat HaShem Yeshiva focuses on what makes all of us one big family, our Jewish souls.

The Be'Ezrat HaShem Yeshiva Project will not teach just Jewish boys aged Bar Mitzvah until the Chuppah. Our program is meant for every Jew, from the cradle to Olam HaBa. Therefore we aim to provide a place for every student: a Yeshiva, Beit Yaakov (Girls' School), Synagogue and Kollel all under the wings of Be'Ezrat HaShem Yeshiva. In this way we can ensure that our students, both young and old, will be able to build a strong foundation and grow on from there. Besides the continuation of the multiple weekly lectures as have been given by the Rabbanim over the past several years that are broadcasted online as well and reach multiple thousands of views per lecture as of this time, there will also be traditional classes given in the new Be'Ezrat HaShem Yeshiva. These will be aimed towards preparing our students to live a life in accordance with the Torah.

It is for this reason we don't teach what our students want to hear, but what they need to hear. We do not teach just the mitzvot, to have our pupils perform them as robots. We will instill the knowledge of the divinity of the Torah into their hearts and souls, not solely the belief. We will prove to them that the Torah is from HaKadosh Baruch Hu and eliminate all doubts by explaining every detail and answer every question, which will cause them to stay on the right path later in life. By doing so our students will understand that performing the mitzvot and celebrating the holidays are not just a tradition, but are what HaRibono Shel Olam - the Master of the Universe - expects from us. Therefore our scholars will be guarded against the pitfalls of modern society as they have been given the right tools to pass their tests in life without falling in their Avodat HaShem - service of HaShem - and straying from the path.

Two other crucial components of the Be'Ezrat HaShem Yeshiva are the teachings of Mussar and Hashkafa. These are important handles to manouver throughout the life in this world and earn a place in the next. Mussar is aimed towards charachter development. Students will be taught how to self-reflect and work on their bad middot - charachter traits - in order to become better people. Everyone knows that being jealous, stingy, angry and the like are not pleasant traits in a person. But how do you improve those traits and turn them into being content, generous and calm? This will be implemented through studying works such as Mesillat Yesharim, Orchot Tzadikim, Shaarei Teshuvah and many more. Our students will receive personal guidance by overcoming their own obstacles. By refining our character traits we become more susceptible to fulfill our purpose in this world. The study of Hashkafa teaches us Jewish philosophy, how to handle everyday situations and problems at the same time, without straying from the path of Torah. Developing the traits of emunah - faith - and bitachon - trust - in HaKadosh Baruch Hu are key components of our study program. Only through internalizing and training emunah and bitachon our students will be able to find an answer on how to handle difficult situations and seemingly hopeless outcomes. They will know, not believe, that HaShem runs the world to the smallest detail, and that everything that happens is for their good - even if it does not look like that from their personal point of view. They will not lose hope and fall into dispair when their prayers do not get answered right away, as they will know what will lead to their personal salvation.

At Be'Ezrat HaShem Yeshiva we do not send our students off with a list of laws to follow and mitzvot to perform. We teach and train them to become strong in their all-round knowledge and practice of Torah, inspire them to become better human beings, to be a light unto their surroundings and we involve them in all the aspects of Jewish life. We provide personal guidance to help overcome their struggles and will answer every question. We do not send off students that have critical questions, we answer them. We do not spoonfeed our students, we learn them how to study and find answers. We don't sugarcoat and soften the Torah, we teach 100% emet - truth - from sources in the Torah. We will not send away students that can't afford the tuition, we look for solutions. We don't just teach to the highest level, we get the best out of every single student and lift them towards their maximal potential. Be'Ezrat HaShem Yeshiva welcomes everyone that wants to learn with an open heart and open arms.


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The genius Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit"a, who toils to give with full faith the words of our Sages. Praiseworthy is his mother and his power is for the Torah. Nothing else is needed to add but a blessing, may he be blessed with all the good blessings, may he succeed everywhere he goes, his name and reputation shall grow like the name of one of the greatest sages in the world, with praise and glory.

Rav Ovadia Yosef - Chief Rabbi of Israel

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