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Be'Ezrat HaShem Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aimed towards (re)connecting Jews with their spiritual heritage. In a time filled with so many distractions, people are losing sight of the very foundation of this world - the Torah - with many disastrous results. The level of Torah that is being taught has dropped enormously in many places, which results in many confused Jews that are no longer convinced of the existence of HaKadosh Baruch Hu and their own purpose in life. We are losing many of our brothers and sisters to the modern atheist society, where they forget and sometimes even hide their Jewish identity. Be'Ezrat HaShem Inc. has been founded not only to reconnect these secular Jews with their heritage and show them proofs that HaShem is the Creator of the Universe and has given us the Torah, but also to uplift Jews that already were religious even further. In our teachings we focus on every aspect of Judaism. We speak about the fun and nice subjects, but also about those subjects that people scare away from nowadays. We instill the true authentic Torah values into our students.

The Torah that is being taught at Be'Ezrat HaShem Inc. is finetuned in order to motivate our students to become better versions of themselves every single day, correct past mistakes and continue to grow. There are multiple organizations that give lectures to make secular Jews religious, but Kiruv does not stop at showing people proofs that the Torah is Divine, that is only the beginning. Our organization therefore not only specializes in making people know that HaShem is real and His Torah is our instructionset for life, but also in guiding them through Torah-observant life from the cradle to Olam HaBa.

In the Jewish year 5780, from Rosh HaShanah 2019 to 2020, we have reached new milestones, which we could never have done without our students, our supporters and without be'ezrat HaShem - the help of HaShem. Our reached goals in 5780 include but are not limited to:

  • 60,000,000+ minutes of Torah lectures streamed

  • 2,000,000+ views on the Be'Ezrat HaShem Movie 'HaShem Took Back His Millions'

  • 300,000+ CDs of Torah and Mussar distributed all over the world

  • 200,000+ answers in halachic subjects, guidance and counseling

  • 60,000 regular viewers

  • 5,000+ Halachic books, kuntres and newsletters containing mussar, minhagim and more published

  • 10,000+ families, widows and orphans in need supported financially

  • 1,000 families of Torah scholars supported

  • 140+ families are being helped convert to Judaism

Over the past few years hundreds upon hundreds of Kiruv Packages from Be'Ezrat HaShem have been sent all over the world. These include a set of books and CD's to give the Torah life of newly religious Jews and converts a kickstart, so that they get familiar with the basics of authentic Jewish life in a fun and mentally stimulating way. The Kiruv Packages have been sent to Europe, Israel and the United States, but also to Jewish communities in Africa and Asia the general public has never heard about.

The Be'Ezrat HaShem App 3.0 designed and published by our own team has the unprecedented feature of asking questions to the rabbanim directly from the app, and getting answers from them directly from the app. These Q&A's are public and anonymous, so that all students can benefit from the answers regarding Torah, halacha, family, relationship advice and countless other topics. All of the lectures by the Rabbanim are also posted on the app, so that our students can listen to and study them without any ads. Personal teshuvah stories from our students and the newsletters by the Rabbanim filled with words of Torah and Mussar are popular features of the Be'Ezrat HaShem App as well.

With the rise of the coronavirus, Jewish education has shriveled for many young students as schools have been closed for months, causing them to fall in their religiosity. Where boys are still able to go to yeshiva and pray at the synagogue, Jewish life for girls has reached an absolute low. With nothing to do all day, many are sleeping until the late afternoon and hanging on the streets until late at night. To get our sisters back on the right track and give them the education and motivation they need, we started a girls seminary in Jerusalem this winter which as of this moment has 400 students enrolled in the study program.

At Be'Ezrat HaShem Inc. we teach in a way that the newcomers can easily follow along but at the same time learn our advanced students things that they did not know yet. In our weekly lectures we put an extra emphasis on teaching those subjects that have been neglected in many places in modern times. A recent study showed that 97% of Jewish Americans believes that working on Shabbat is not prohibited, while 20% reported in another survey that they are Shabbat observant. The lack of teaching the truth and instead teaching comfortable lies has caused dangerous cracks in our foundation as a nation and as the children of HaKadosh Baruch Hu. Therefore we do not shy away from topics that are hard and sensitive to discuss, we tackle those subjects and explain everything in a way that it is comprehensible and 100% according to the Torah instead of making up new laws or skipping them altogether. We teach our students what they have to know. This no-nonsense approach has caused tens of thousands of viewers to flock to the teachings of our Rabbanim, HaGaon HaRav Efraim Kachlon teaches in Hebrew and HaRav Yaron Reuven in English. They attract a very diverse group of students, among them newly religious Jews, those that are frum from birth, but also Jewish men that study at a yeshiva/kollel and everything inbetween. Multiple rabbis have reached out to our Rabbanim, thanking them for breaking the silence on the tough topics and that they now feel more comfortable and inspired to do the same, saying that they are regular viewers of the lectures Be'Ezrat HaShem Inc. publishes. There are over 140 families that Be'Ezrat HaShem Inc. helps convert to Orthodox Judaism at this very moment, and there is also a large following of Noahides who have left their false religion/atheism behind and are following the 7 Noahide laws. Our lectures are being watched all over the world, from Australia to the Phillipines, Kroatia, Sweden, India, France, Korea, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan, England, Nigeria, Italy and many, many more Baruch HaShem.

Our goal is to be a beacon of light in a world that is becoming darker day by day. We at Be'Ezrat HaShem Inc. saw the need for an organization that pulls in and gets closer Jews of all kinds and all backgrounds, as living in the modern world and especially in the Western modern cultures poses a great threat on the continuing existence of not only the Jewish religion but the Jewish nation as a whole. With an 80% intermarriage rate in the USA and Europe, our nation is slowly falling apart. Within a few generations, we will go extinct if we don't act quickly. Incomplete and altered teachings about the Torah and our history as a nation have left many of us confused, and have caused many of us to stray.  Pain and unanswered questions about the Holocaust have driven us away, especially our elder generation and their descendants. Modern society ridicules our religion, ruling it outdated, making fun of our traditions and practices. Our children feel the pressure of modern fashion and style of the nations, and are afraid to be left out. Many rabbis in this generation soften and water down the Torah, thereby slowly extinguishing the spark that ignites our Jewish souls. Subjects like teshuvah - repentance -, the consequences of sins and fixing our bad middot - charachter traits - have almost gone extinct, while being such core parts of authentic Judaism.

It is time for us to reunite, to show to HaKadosh Baruch Hu and our own nation that we are proud to be Jewish. It is time for us to rebuild Am Yisrael, to gather all the lost souls, prove to them that HaShem and his Torah are 100% real and help them grow and reach their maximal potential. It is time to answer all the questions, how sensitive they may be. It is time to teach the truth, to no longer soften and modernize the Torah to fit modern society's agenda. It is time for us to come together, regardless of our age, skincolor and place or birth, to show our brothers and sisters the light of the Torah. It is time for the Be'Ezrat HaShem Inc. Revolution.


rav ovadia.jpg

The genius Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit"a, who toils to give with full faith the words of our Sages. Praiseworthy is his mother and his power is for the Torah. Nothing else is needed to add but a blessing, may he be blessed with all the good blessings, may he succeed everywhere he goes, his name and reputation shall grow like the name of one of the greatest sages in the world, with praise and glory.

Rav Ovadia Yosef - Chief Rabbi of Israel

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