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Gdolei Yisrael about the Rabbanim of Be'Ezrat HaShem Inc., HaGaon HaRav Efraim Kachlon and HaRav Yaron Reuven

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Chief Rabbi of Israel

I have been brought the draft of the Responsa "Ach Tov L’Yisrael" written by an expert, a loyal plant, like a jar of the manna, with all the sweet Torah explanations, praiseworthy among the pious, like good oil and of good reputation, giving clear reasons and interpretations of Halacha, the genius Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit"a, who toils to give with full faith the words of our Sages, early and later ones, to conclude in Halacha. Praiseworthy is his mother and his power is for the Torah. Nothing else is needed to add but a blessing, may he be blessed with all the good blessings, may he succeed everywhere he goes, his name and reputation shall grow like the name of one of the greatest sages in the world, with praise and glory.

Rav Yitzchak Yosef.jpg


Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rosh Yeshiva Yeshivat Hazon Ovadia & Author of Yalkut Yosef

I reviewed the book "Ach Tov L’Yisrael" Responsa in Halacha (Jewish Law) by the diligent Torah scholar of good reputation, the honoured Rabbi Efraim Kachlon Shlit"a, and I saw that his book is based on the Torah sages and he didn’t base it on his own opinion only. May he merit to write many more precious and beneficial interpretations in good taste, and to glorify the Torah.

With the Torah blessing,

Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef

Rav Gideon ben Moshe


Av Beth Din Jerusalem & Rosh Kollel Yoru Mishpatecha

It's been brought to me to review the book Doresh Tov L’Amo, interpretation on the Megillah of Esther, written by one of our special scholars in our Kollel, Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit"a. I know personally that his God fearing is coming before his wisdom, and there shall be a big benefit in this composition to understand the endless miracles and wonders of God. May he succeed in his way and merit to write more and more Torah commentaries and new insights, as his pure soul desires, Amen.
With the Torah blessing and lots of love,
Rabbi Gideon ben Moshe

Rav Eliyahu ben Haim.jpg


Av Beth Din Mekor Haim, New York

Rabbi Yaron Reuven, may HaShem protect him and give him long life, has great middot and is a Talmid Chacham B"H. He serves as an example of how a person who has done Teshuvah should live. A man so talented and contributing, we ask you to support him and assist him. He is sarcificing himself for the sake of the general public. He has brought Jews closer to Judaism and also helped many non-Jews to become Jews. And as you keep spreading the Torah day and night, a great blessing will be upon you! All the Jews that you bring closer to G-d, a blessing will be upon you. May HaShem bless you Rav Yaron and may you succeed getting higher and higher at your holy duty.



Rosh Yeshivah Kissa Rachamim Yeshivah & Rav of Tunisian Jews

I join the blessing of Rav Ovadia shlit”a, and may his wellsprings open everywhere and he spread his Torah. Lots of success, Rav Meir Mazuz

Rav Zavichi.jpg


Av Beth Din & Chief Rabbi Ateret Paz

I have been brought this book, The Responsa "Ach Tov L’Yisrael" by the dear Torah scholar, precious as jewels, Rav Efraim Kachlon shlit"a. I have reviewed the chapters of the book and very much enjoyed it, as I have found them full of wisdom, and I know the author, whose God fearing is before his wisdom and he is a diligent scholar. My prayer is that God blessed be He, shall merit him to keep studying our holy Torah and spread out His words by publishing his books, out of happiness and abundance. And to our dear brethren of House of Yisrael, assist the genius author to do more Kiruv to benefit the public. With the Torah blessing and lots of love, 
Rabbi Pinchas

Rebbe Yitzchak Yerushalmi.png


Considered one of the Tzadikim Nistarim

I bless Rabbi Yaron Reuven and everyone that supports him. May they be blessed with all the good in life. May they reestablish the honor of Torah. May all of them be blessed to see their future generations continue their righteousness, and may HaShem shine his countenance upon them. May they merit all the blessings ushered upo them through our forefathers, Amoraim and Tannaim - our Sages - and may they merit the blessings of the Sanhedrin and the true righteous individuals. May Hashem fulfill all of the righteous desires of their heart and they succeed fully wherever they go. May all their wishes be fulfilled by HaShem for the good.

Rav solomon 2.jpg


Chief Rabbi Petach Tikvah & Rosh Yeshiva Nachalat David

The dear Torah scholar, Efraim Kachlon, whom I have known for years as one who studies the Torah deeply and merits to write new insights and compositions about the Torah, came to me. Now before his wedding, he would like to publish his first book, as the readers shall find very interesting and enjoy it.

May God bless him, may he find grace in eyes of God and man, and may his future be full of pride and glory.

Rav Yosef Chaim Mizrachi.png


Dayan Beth Din Jerusalem

There exists today a very important organization called "Be'Ezrat HaShem" led by Rabbi Yaron Reuven shlit"a may G-d guard and protect him. He was B"H guided by his heart towards a great thing. He goes from place to place in all directions and does zikuy harabim - helping the public spiritually - to make Am Yisrael do teshuvah and return. That's why we call all of you to please support him, help him, assist him. And all his helpers and assistants will be blessed in heaven and will merit good life and peace, may it be His will, Amen!



Chief Rabbi of Netanya

I come to praise the important organization Be'Ezrat HaShem Inc. headed by Rav Yaron Reuven shlit"a & Rav Efraim Kachon shlit"a. With a good eye and pure intentions this organization helps Torah scholars to enable them to keep studying Torah. They also have a good reputation in making the hearts of our brethren of Am Yisrael closer to their Father in Heaven. Without need but we must give a blessing to all who help and assist the blessed activity of this important organization. I hereby bless them with all of the promised blessings of the Torah. "It is a tree of life to those who grasp it, and its supporters are praiseworthy" and may they merit to all best blessings.



Rosh Kollel Ayshel Avraham, President Igud HaRabbonim - Rabbinical Alliance of America

Anything that would describe Rabbi Yaron Reuven is that he has been there and has done that. Nobody, no matter what, in business or anywhere can say that you don't know or you don't understand. And that makes him an incredibly compelling speaker. I can say more and more but Shmo Holech Lefanav - his name precedes him. It is my great pleasure to bestow his smicha upon HaRav Yaron Reuven.

torah scroll.jpg


Dayan Beth Din Petach Tikvah

A letter of blessing

I have been brought a few chapters of the book "Ach Tov L’Yisrael" written by Rabbi Efraim Kachlon, containing Halachic questions and answers. I have reviewed his answers and saw that everything was written wisely, with lots of knowledge, he went deep into details and wrote very clearly, and the reader would surely understand his clear and bright interpretations.

It's only left for me to bless him to continue writing more and more books and give Torah lessons to benefit the public.



Leading Kiruv Rabbi

He [Rav Yaron Reuven] is Baruch HaShem on the way up. We need precious and straight speakers that speak the truth, but in today's generations we are having less and less speakers like this. So when finally you find someone that always says the truth, with honesty and without getting scared, giving his life to save souls, then you know the future Be'Ezrat HaShem will be very bright.



Founder of Outreach Judaism, Leading Counter-Missionary Speaker & Author of Let's Get Biblical

Thank you for your work Rav Yaron Reuven. Sometimes I am brought to tears of joy when I watch your Torah. May HaShem continue to bless you and strengthen you. May we welcome the true Moshiach together quickly in our time.

torah scroll.jpg


Rosh Kollel and Gemach Chasdei Zion

I came here to give my blessing to the precious Torah scholar Rabbi Efraim Kachlon Shlit"a, wise beyond his years and above and beyond genius since childhood. I am extremely glad to see that there is still hope, and that because G-d has mercy on his nation Yisrael, He plants young Torah scholars that are showing us their strength and desire to study Torah. And I give him a blessing that G-d will enlighten his eyes with His holy Torah and he will merit to aim to its truth, and in his greatness shall be his humbleness and he will merit to sanctify his body and always pray to God. May you spread out your Torah to every house in Yisrael, with the strength and merit of all the righteous sages in our generation and in past generations.



The Avodah Berurah Institute

You're mamesh gevaldig. HaShem should bentsch you, you are a meyuchad b'dor. I listened to your tape and watched your movie, and b'Siyata d'Shmaya have already become a better Yid thanks to you. Stay well, Klal Yisroel needs you.

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Rav of Kehilla Kiryat Nordau, Netanya

I have seen the composition of the honoured groom, famous with his Torah study and God fearing, Rabbi Efraim Kachlon, and the name of the book is "Ach Tov L’Yisrael." And he sails through the depths of the Torah ocean with our sages, he collected all the beautiful interpretations into this book and made rulings there. I have discussed halachic subjects with him and have found that he is very knowledgeable and has an amazing understanding. I give him my blessing to keep up his studies and he shall grow exponentially to the glory of his father Rabbi Chaim Kachlon shlit"a and his household whom I know as scholars and G-d fearing people.

Rav Meir Shalom Tanzi.jpg


Rosh Mikdash Shlomo Institute

It has been brought for me to review the Responsa "Ach Tov L’Yisrael", written by Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit"a, the work of a specialist, containing sweet Torah interpretations full of light, a great Torah scholar, his future is for pride and glory. I can see that he spent nights like days diligently in the tent of Torah to shed light on his new insights that are precious as pearls, all edited tastefully and wisely like the hand of G-d. I give him my blessing that his wellsprings will burst out and he’ll benefit others by glorify and raising the Torah, and may he become one of the generation's greatest sages, and may he merit to write more compositions out of all the good blessings, and he shall succeed in all his endeavours.

Rabbi Mordechai Yitzchaki.png


Rav of Moshav Porat

I saw the composition of the dear Torah scholar Rabbi Efraim Kachlon, who collected halachic matters and interpretations by our sages, which keep us alive, as its written: "A tree of life is for its holders", and knowing the actual practical Halacha is the main point for us, as our sages taught "God has no benefit and delight in the world outside of His four amot of Halacha" and I have also seen the support letter by the genius Rabbi Rosenberg shlit”a. I give my blessing to the author to spread the Torah and glorify it, and he shall never fail and may we merit sanctifying His name. "A wise son would make his father rejoice". And for this I have come to sign with the blessing of Torah.



Rosh Yeshivat Simchat HaTorah, Jerusalem

Here came to me the important Yeshiva scholar Efraim Kachlon, may G-d keep him safe, and he has good character traits and is G-d fearing.  I have studied with him kosher slaughtering Halachot and I’ve examined him, and he knows the Halachot, and learned with me the skillset of slaughtering and the fixing of the knife, he has good sense and ability to feel very light flaws on the knife and has successfully slaughtered many times a good and kosher slaughtering. Our Jewish brethren Yisrael can trust him and eat from his slaughtering as his God fearing precedes his wisdom. He is a trustworthy person whose character traits and honesty are confirmed without a doubt. Any help you can give him would be welcomed.

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Rav of Beer Yaakov

I have reviewed some chapters of the book written by the genius Torah scholar, Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit"a, and it contains beautiful interpretations with the sweetness of the Torah, he spent nights like days to uncover the light of Halacha. I saw that he is very sharp and knowledgeable in Halacha, worked tirelessly to bring and organize all of the sources, and his discussions in Halacha are important and worthy to be discussed on kings' tables- kings like our sages. I know for myself that I am not in this level yet, I only join to the other genius Rabbis in their recommendations. May it be His will that he never fails and he merits to spread Torah and glorify it, to learn and to teach it with good health, tranquillity and happiness.

Rav Benyamin Alimi.png


Head of Irgun Bnei Yeshivot Tel Tzion

I just wanted to bless all the supporters of Rabbi Yaron Reuven and Rabbi Efraim Kachlon's organization, Be'Ezrat HaShem. This is a serious organization that spreads Torah and helps people financially, they also help support Torah scholars and everything that has to do with holiness. It's amazing that in our generation, you can contribute to one organization has seriously has everything! Due to this organization, everyday people merit to hear his lectures, keep getting closer to HaShem and bring those far off closer to Judaism. With the help of HaShem may you, the supporters, merit great pride from your support and everyone in your family will have great wealth, happiness and fulfillment.

torah scroll.jpg


Rosh Yeshiva Yeshivat Mir, Jerusalem

To my dear friend, the honourable groom Rabbi Efraim shlit"a. I have known you since you were young when you took upon yourself Torah study, nights like days, going deep into hard materials, one tractate after the other, going uphill in glory. And in the Torah path, you were blessed by HaShem to taste the sweetness of the Torah and come up with new deep interpretations. Its only left for me to give you a simple blessing, from the depth of my heart, may you add more and more, and we see fruits and flowers from your studies, and we shall benefit from your Torah springs. May this house that you build testify that you went in the straight path of the Torah, not turning left or right, and God should bestow his holiness upon your house.

Rabbi BarKochba.png


Rav at Tel Tzion

About Rav Yaron Reuven
If you see a person that sacrifices his life, his time and everything that he has, only in order to bring more Jews closer to HaShem, then you can understand how much he loves them. Someone that always worries about the children of HaShem, shows us how much he really loves them. Someone that loves the children of HaShem, then HaShem loves him as well. And everyone that helps him and his extraordinary organization to help bring more Jews back to HaShem, then it means that they also love the children of HaShem. And for sure HaShem will love them as well, bless them with wealth, success and abudance, all the riches and whatever that they need.

Rav Chaim Kachlon.png


Yeshivat Maor Yisrael

I would like to bless this organization founded by and run with help from Shamayim by Rav Efraim and Rav Yaron, who really sanctify HaShem's name a lot and are spreading Torah in all corners of the world. It's a great mitzvah for those that support them. In this short time since this organization has been founded, see how many families he has helped do teshuvah, how many people he has helped convert to Orthodox Judaism, how many started keeping Shabbat, and everything else. Because truly everything that he does is only for the sake of Shamayim and nothing else. And because both him and Rav Efraim do all their actions just for sanctifying the name of HaShem, there is no doubt that they will succeed.

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Rav and Rosh Kollel Beer Yaakov

I have seen a part of the composition written by the important genius Torah scholar Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit’a, and it is full of Torah, going deep into Halacha and clear negotiations, with a straight and correct perspective explained in clear language according to the foundations we inherited from our early sages.  The name of the book is "Ach Tov L’Yisrael" and it is good for the nation of Yisrael to review it in order to learn the halachic issues according to their sources and understand the broken down details inside each and every Halacha. I give him my blessing to keep spreading his Torah and write more compositions. Blessed is his power for Torah.

Rav David Ochayon


Rav of Alfei Menashe

In honour of our dear and important friend Rabbi Efraim Kachlon. May kings descend from you. I chose to write you this letter to bless and encourage you to keep writing in a clear and straight way, through deep research and study of the Sages in halachic rulings in order to shed light on the clarity of the practical Halacha deep introspection of early and later Sages. As it is said by our early sages "A house where there is no Torah study at night- fire consumes it, and a house where there is always Torah- the fire of the Torah protects it". I would like to bless you with the blessings of the Torah and wish you a Mazal Tov.  May you continue to be elevated even higher up in the Torah and fear of God!

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Rabbi Yeshiva Nachalat David

My dear friend, one of our best alumni’s, the dear scholar that was the favourite of the late Rosh Yeshiva zt"l, Rabbi Efraim Kachlon shlit"a. I was amazed that in such a short time, you succeeded to dive in the deep water and brought up an organized and clear Halacha. Since you were a young student in our Yeshiva we saw your power and hard work in studying Halacha until understanding it in depth.  Thus, I was happy to write these words of blessing, in addition to my father's zt"l blessings. May it be His will that you’ll merit to serve Hashem from comfort and joy all of your days, and study the depth of the holy Torah in good health, and its many divine lights will shall be added to your light. With blessing and friendship.


The original endorsements from Gdolei Yisrael in written and spoken form about our Rabbanim HaGaon HaRav Efraim Kachlon and HaRav Yaron Reuven.

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